Walking to burn excess calories

Published: 23rd February 2010
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Walking is a part of life. Walking is not difficult. Walking may aid you in burning excess calories, and lose weight.

If you have minimal time for walking, you really must learn to burn more calories when walking.

The first approach to burn more calories when walking is to switch your shopping behavior in the supermarket. Do you make use of the trolley in the supermarket? You may carry the basket rather than using the trolley. You should feel the weight of all the items, especially the cooked food, the potatoes, and the cleaning agent. The heavier your load, the more calories you use with every step that you take.

If your house is within half an hour walking distance from the supermarket, you really must carry all the products in your backpack, and walk home. By the time you reach home, you mayfeel the powerful consequence of carrying 20 pounds of goods in your backpack, and half an hour of walking. You can be comforted to realize that many new soldiers need to carry more than a hundred pounds in their backpacks, and walk for many days.

The second approach to burn more calories when walking is to select to walk on uneven surface, especially uphill slope. Walking on even ground is easier, and burn off lesser calories than walking on hiking trail. If you have a variety of pavement or trail, you can choose to walk on the hiking trail to burn more calories.

Walking uphill should help you burn more calories, since you are struggling against gravity with everystep you take. The steeper the slope, the more calories you shed while walking.

The third approach to burn more calories when walking is to increase the pace of walking. Do take long stride, and walk faster. You can burn more calories when you walk fast. A number of people may walk very fast. Their walking speed is faster than the running speed of the joggers.

You do not need to walk so fast, unless you are trying brisk walking. As long as you are able to feel your heart pumping faster, and the warm blood circulates quicker in your system, you are walking fast enough.

The last approach to burn more calories when walking is to walk on a muddy ground or walk through snow.

You know how difficult it is to draw your feet out of the mud or snow. The effort that you use to pull your feet out and to sink your feet in front is making you exhausted. Walking in the mud or snow for thirty minutes can burn much more calories than walking for half a day in the shopping mall.

Walking is a part of life. Since you have to walk everyday, make the best out of it. Let walking helps you burn calories, and achieve your objective of losing weight.

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